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Being the Average Joe or the Girl Next Door is simply not enough anymore. In our consumerist, materialistic society, it is important for THAT person to make proactive judgments that set themselves apart from the crowd.  Making a statement is by far the one and only important characteristic of being THAT person—you must do something different—live the life that is the exact opposite of everyone else—take a spontaneous road trip on the famous “extra mile”—do something that might actually land you your very own Wikipedia page.

For example, instead of purchasing a Beginner’s Spanish book, you should try Mandarin Chinese. Energy efficiency should be important to you and therefore, your choice of transportation must comply—sorry, but Mazda’s Hybrid will not suffice. Instead, you must find your way to the car lot of the revolutionary Smart Car.  All of your friends want to go out for Tex Mex and you want Malaysian Cuisine.  Consumers worldwide are fancying themselves with expensive gadgets such as Blackberrys and iPhones, but you prefer the more simplistic Motorola RAZR—cheaper, and surprisingly, a lot more reliable.

While this lifestyle may seem a bit over-the-top for outsiders, it is simply a way of life for THAT person. By definition of THAT, your sole task is to live life indicative of…well, what everyone else is not. It’s not about being contrary or arrogant, but about making the best possible judgment in every aspect of life. From your offbeat profile picture to your lunchtime salad choice, this is the things that matters, and is the narrow path toward becoming THAT person.